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III. EF Model as a starting point of development

Doménový model

EF Data model

If you are familiar with MDA, then you would maybe welcome this scenario, where you create a PIM and PSM with source code are then generated according to specified technology and platform.

However, Entity Framework is not about UML modelling of PIM, but has features to easily create entities, associations and inheritance between them in .NET solutions.

You are able to generate DDL schema for database you choose and C# or VB code of entities is generated, as well. So you can look on EF as an OR/M solution, as a tool to create your Data Model or to be a starting point for Domain Model with specific domain/business logic implemented in partial classes.

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I. RIA Services MVVM Prism LoB App – Introduction



Confused by the caption?

Translated to “human language”, a part of my bachelor thesis is implementation of modular business silverlight application build upon MVVM (Separated presentation) pattern and WCF RIA Services (simplifies the development of n-tier RIA solutions).

Application is published under open-source license and is located on CodePlex so you can download the source code and explore how this or that was done.

I decided to write a few separate articles to describe the solution.

List of articles

Note: I plan to publish at least one article every week, so come back in month or two if you are interested.

Teleco Systems Login Page

Teleco Systems Login Page

Enable associated entities to load with base entity

Associated entitites I encoutered a problem, when I wanted to load Employees entities also with some associated entities at once, from the well-known AdwentureWorks database model (in Entity Framework) via DomainService/Context in a .NET RIA Services SL Application.

So if you encountered the same problem, that initially your associated/referenced entities are null when loaded, read more to see how to solve this issue.

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