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I. RIA Services MVVM Prism LoB App – Introduction



Confused by the caption?

Translated to “human language”, a part of my bachelor thesis is implementation of modular business silverlight application build upon MVVM (Separated presentation) pattern and WCF RIA Services (simplifies the development of n-tier RIA solutions).

Application is published under open-source license and is located on CodePlex so you can download the source code and explore how this or that was done.

I decided to write a few separate articles to describe the solution.

List of articles

Note: I plan to publish at least one article every week, so come back in month or two if you are interested.

Teleco Systems Login Page

Teleco Systems Login Page

WCF RIA Services Facebook Group

I created a new facebook group WCF RIA Services because I haven’t found any other group specially discussing Silverlight, RIA Applications, etc.
So if you are an Experienced Microsoft .NET developer interested in RIA and Enterprise applications feel free to join our facebook group and share your news and knowledge with others.

WCF RIA Services

What actually is WCF RIA Services (known also as .NET RIA Services)?  Briefly, it simplifies the development of n-tier solutions for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) by linking/grouping/boxing ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms.

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