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Thesis’ Diary

Last update: 22.4.2010

This diary shows the progress I made on my bachelor thesis from the beginning to the end.

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A complete list of tasks

Summer 2009 – I started playing around with Microsoft Silverlight platform as a developer, exploring tools, toolkits…

19th October 2009 – I chose a thesis: RIA in Line of Business Applications and .NET RIA Services (in slovak)

4th November 2009 – I met with my thesis coordinator/leader Ondrej Svačina in Softec, discussed the topic, etc.

17th November 2009 – This website/blog was built upon a wide-spread publishing platform Wordpress.

November – December 2009 – I studied a lot about Enterprise Applications Architecture, RIA Services, I practiced it on examples available on the Internet, Read articles about patterns, practices & guidelines on Development of software based on Microsoft technologies and platforms. I watched dozen of MIX 09 videos about Silverlight, RIA Services, WCF and ADO.NET Data Services.

8-10th January 2010 – I played with communication based on REST services of web applications like Twitter, Facebook or Google Search in a Silverlight client.

15-30th January 2010 - I focused on architecture patterns including MVC, MVP, MVVM and analysed possible ways to build Silverlight (LoB) Apps upon these patterns. To get the best base knowledge of these patterns I read several articles and wathed lots of PDC ‘09 videos about this topic.

27th January 2010 – Getting around with the Silverlight Bing Maps Control. I made a few test projects where I did experiment how this control can be usable in Business Applications. I was pretty suprised on how the control actually customizable is.

30-31th January 2010 – Studying and getting started with Composite Application Library for complex Silverlight Applications

1st-4th February 2010 – Analyzing how to build modular Silverlight Business Application with RIA Services enabled, or how to get RIA Services work in apps based on CAL.

7th-12th February 2010 – Studying domain-driven design & exploring the Caliburn framework for development of RIA applications in Silverlight/WPF.

15th February -14th March 2010 -I wrote a first version of chapters RIA; Line of Business Applications.
Then I started to write the Patterns chapter of my thesis. It include some Architecture Patterns, Design Patterns and Best practices/guides to write modren enterprise software.

1st-14th April 2010 -I was programming the Domain Services and prepared the solution with all the modules. Implementation of the Products and Customers module.