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I. RIA Services MVVM Prism LoB App – Introduction



Confused by the caption?

Translated to “human language”, a part of my bachelor thesis is implementation of modular business silverlight application build upon MVVM (Separated presentation) pattern and WCF RIA Services (simplifies the development of n-tier RIA solutions).

Application is published under open-source license and is located on CodePlex so you can download the source code and explore how this or that was done.

I decided to write a few separate articles to describe the solution.

List of articles

Note: I plan to publish at least one article every week, so come back in month or two if you are interested.

Teleco Systems Login Page

Teleco Systems Login Page

7 Responses to “I. RIA Services MVVM Prism LoB App – Introduction”

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  3. Great work Lukas,

    Is there any sample or article on similar application working in WPF..(i.e WPF + WCF RIA + Prism ) ?

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  5. The solution throwing erros Microsoft.Practices.Composite
    and bunch of other errors

  6. To Ramadevi: Maybe you have to delete and re-reference corrupted references to Microsoft CAL, but I’ll check it soon, the solution works when I run it on VS 2010, so I don’t think there are some syntax or logical errors. Probably these corrupted references.

  7. Thank you Lucas for the response,

    Still problem compiling the client
    Most of the client projects failing on five dlls
    If I delete and try to re-add I get the following errors
    You can’t add a reference to Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll as it was not built against the Silverlight runtime. Silverlight projects will only work with Silverlight assemblies.

    Yo may have to add the above dlls also to the project